The Epping Forest  Time Bank aims to help local people help each other, one hour at a time!

If you already volunteer then you will make an ideal Time Bank member!!

You can use your volunteer hours and bank them as credits to either get support from other people, or to put them in a Epping Forest Community Pot to help vulnerable people such as the elderly who may not have the credits to get help or support from others.

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1 hour = 1 time credit


How does it work?

For every hour you ‘deposit’ in a Time Bank, you can ‘withdraw’ the equivalent back in support when you need it.

 Time Bank members can offer voluntary activities such as:

  •  shopping or doing simple errands
  • decorating and simple DIY home repairs
  • teaching languages
  • companionship and visits
  • cooking
  • helping with computers
  • gardening and much more
  • accompanying people to appointments


Timebanking is about sharing skills and time. Whatever your passion or expertise, everyone has something to offer!!!

Telephone : 01992 284 761                             Email :timebank@vaef.org.uk

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EFHTB


VAEF runs the TimeBank for Epping Forest and Harlow as part of the Essex TimeBank Partnership, supported by Colchester Community & Volunteer Service.