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Local Compact

Local Compact

What is a Compact?

It’s an agreement between the statutory sector in an area and the voluntary sector (including small community organisations and social enterprises) to work together with openness and trust, treating one another fairly and considerately.

What is its purpose?

It reminds statutory organisations of how they can help or frustrate voluntary organisations, and reminds voluntary organisations of how their actions can be helpful or awkward for statutory people. It encourages working together fairly and with respect. It provides principles and specific commitments against which work can be checked, and a network for spreading best practice while resolving and learning from problems.

Why have a Compact?

Nearly all compacts consist of a core text plus codes of practice. The core text sets out general principles and a vision. The codes deal with particular subjects such as volunteering and set out principles and some specific commitments. For example, if you’re familiar with the basic thinking behind the Compact but you’re facing some difficulty on procurement of a service, you can concentrate on checking the Funding and Procurement Code. The codes of the Essex Compact are:

  • Funding and procurement
  • Marginalised Groups
  • Public Engagement
  • Volunteering

The Compact for Epping Forest will improve the working relationship between the sectors, by formalising the relationship. The Compact recognises the complementary roles of each sector in the development of citizenship, a sense of community and the creation of a just and inclusive society.

The Epping Forest Compact will be updated in line with the new Essex Compact.

VAEF and the National Association of Voluntary Community Action (NAVCA)


NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action) is the national voice of local support and development organisations in England. We champion and strengthen voluntary and community action by supporting our members in their work with over 160,000 local charities and community groups.

NAVCA believes that voluntary and community action is vital for vibrant and caring communities.

We provide our members with networking opportunities, specialist advice, support, policy information and training. NAVCA is a vital bridge between local groups and national government.

We take the lead on the issues that matter most to local support and development organisations. We influence national and local government policy to strengthen local voluntary and community action.

VAEF is affiliated to NAVCA and undertake their core functions.


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