Practical Support





We currently have 4 bids that we are awaiting the outcome. Lottery, Essex Community Foundation, Sainsbury and Tesco. We could not have achieved this if it were not for the guidance and support of VAEF. They guided us through the procedures allowing us to move forward with our vision. they encouraged when we felt downhearted with bids that did not come to fruition. The team at VAEF were always positive and one did not feel inadequate with some of the questions that we asked having not prepared bids before. This team do an invaluable service to those of us that enter into this field of trying to raise money for much needed causes.


Just wanted to say thank you for making us aware of the training available. I attended and it was great!



Thank you so much for doing the garden. They were all very polite. They made a lovely effort, the garden looks lovely it has really cheered me up. Very considerate and helpful and nice to talk to.


I lost my husband 3 years ago and the club has been a life-saver. I would be lost without it.

I appreciate everything that is done for us. The staff go over and above.

The staff at the clubs are so good – they don’t leave anyone out and talk to everyone.

Trevor is very good – he joins in everything. No-one can call bingo like Trevor!

Following our meeting last week, Dad attended his first club session yesterday.  I wanted to let you know how much he enjoyed it!  I’ve never heard him so enthusiastic and he can’t wait until next week.  So THANK YOU!

To Julie and all the volunteers.  I just wanted to say for the first time following a devastating stroke, four years ago I watched my husband dance, something I thought I would never see or he would experience.  Thank you for that opportunity and your kindness and support (and a fun time).


SH called, she would like some shelves put up in a cupboard.  She also said that you were a very nice man and so helpful.



I am happy to say that I have now started the weight management scheme and must say how happy and helpful the ladies are at my local centre.  Thank you for all your help in delivering a brilliant service.


We received extensive feedback from Epping Forest College regarding the Music project and below are a selection of the comments and compliments received.

One of my learners was very shy at the start of term and didn’t interact with others in the group. Since taking part in the music project he is much more social within the group.

Students are eager to return from their break on time to get to the music class.

The students taking part in the project have become more confident in their own abilities as they have got better at playing their chosen instrument.

The confidence of those taking part in the music project has grown considerably. The students all clearly enjoy it and are benefiting in so many ways.

You see him smiling in the group music session but you don’t realise how wonderful this is for all of us who work with him.  He rarely shows any expression or personality and when asked to smile he does, but it’s obviously not a natural smile but in your music group he smiles in such a lovely natural way and his personality shines through.  This is such an achievement and I wanted to say thank you as to see him respond in such a way is wonderful and a real breakthrough.

This student learnt spontaneity.  During the earlier sessions, he had to be shown how to play a given beat but in time, he was able to pick up the beat without prompting or support.

This student has extremely low self-esteem and lack of confidence.  He can often be heard to say “I can’t do it” or “I don’t get it”.  However, over the weeks, he was continuously heard to say “I did it!”.

This student doesn’t always fully participate in activities, however he fully joined in with ALL music sessions.